Desktop 1970 Hammered Cast Iron Stapler


We are pleased to introduce to our range this exclusive stapler, an original design dated 1970. Made in what is known still today as "Czech Solingen", the manufacture established 1792, was founded by Ignaz Rösler and specialised in the production of knives, pipe heads, files, sickles, scythes and tobacco pouches. Todays production has moved onto somewhat more relevant products for the present day including desk essentials such as staplers and hole punchers.

Full steel, it is extremely solidly built, with a hammered effect cast iron base for an industrial chic appearance. Features a metric ruler down the shaft of the base as a nice detail, also functional for precision stapling. 

Satisfying front loading system, uses standard 24/6 (for around 20 sheets depending on paper weight), 24/8 and 24/10 staples (use these heavy weight staples for extra capacity). 

Cast Iron
Staple Size:
24/6, 24/8 & 24/10
Size: 20 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm
Staples not included