French Wax Seal, Cheshire Cat


Channel your inner Cyrano and sign off your letters in 17th century style with a wax seal. We are offering some modern archetype symbols to represent you; take your pick for any occasion. In this case, sign off with the image of the Cheshire cat face, known for his sarcasm and playful character. 

These handmade seals are made in France and not only are they attractive as objects, but they also create beautifully deep-set embossed images. We recommend using hard, Shellac-based wax for a more authentic, historical and crisp, sharp finish which can be purchased in a range of subtle tones here.

There are many Youtube videos illustrating how to use sealing wax - a spoon and spirit burner are essential accessories. This should always done with care (and by adults only) as the wax can get very hot and should not be handled directly. 

Please note this wax seal is made of pewter, an alloy which has a relatively low melting point of 170°C. When exposed to high temperatures, the solder joint between the seal and the grip might break. Please do not heat stamp directly. When subjecting this seal to prolonged use, please dip it in water between uses to reduce the likelihood of damage.