Gigantic Christmas Wrapping Bundle


Choosing Keeping has been collecting hundreds of decorative patterned papers from Italy, some new, many vintage and antique. Each has its own charm and guarantees absolutely fabulous results in terms of wrapping. Bananas, Christmas cats, apricots and pears, sail boats, few topics have been overlooked.  

This year for those who are wrapping for a full family of 24, or for wrapping en masse for any other reason, we are offering for an attractive price, a gigantic bundle of 50 or 100 sheets for guilt free and very fun gift wrapping. Each sheet measures 50 x 70 cm and the assortment includes an assortment of geometrics, bold and dainty patterns, all in the Christmas ballpark of colours and genre. 

50 or 100 sheets of fine Italian wrapping paper, selection by Choosing Keeping, including antiques, and Choosing Keeping's exclusive own range.