100 Colours Japanese Watercolour Set


Choosing Keeping presents an exclusive, special edition of 100 shades of Gansai. This Japanese alter-ego to European watercolours is not dissimilar to gouache, and is made by a 100 year old paint maker in Japan. The paints can be used directly out of the box with a wet paintbrush - either thinly in translucent washes, or by layering for a bolder effect. These can also be used on darker paper bases.

Enjoy this silky fabric handmade box containing. in gradient order, all the colours you might ever wish for - a beautiful and very special assortment for any watercolour enthusiast. 

Material: Gansai watercolour
Included: 100 colours in fabric-bound chest of drawers
Vegetarian/ Vegan: No (contains gelatine glue binder)
Made in Japan