Sealing Wax


Now the domain of modern calligraphers and wedding invites, there was once a time when sealing wax was more function than artistic embellishment. An insurance against forgery, sealing paper has been practiced since Roman times first using bitumen, then beeswax in the Middle Ages and shellac since the 16th century - indeed wax can be used with signet rings to verify the senders identity and cannot be opened or tampered with without breaking the seal. 

Such functionality isn't possible with glue-gun sealing or any of the modern day acrylic waxes now so popular, they just pop off like bottle caps. Enough with pastiche historicity, this shellac based wax stick is the authentic and high quality product your letter and recipient deserves. Shellac wax possesses the brittle, extra-hard finish which gives the best results for beautiful detailing. Choosing Keeping has researched these exclusive subtle colours for your best enjoyment. 

There are many Youtube videos illustrating how to use sealing wax - a spoon and tea light are essential accessories. This should always done with care (and by adults only) as the wax can get very hot and should not be handled directly. 

Please note each stick is sold individually

Dimensions: 13 x 1.5 cm 

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