1968 Black "Elite" Pocket Fountain Pen


One of our favourites, this nifty lipstick like pen, unchanged since its inception in 1968, combines retro looks, clever pocket-size design with standout nib performance. 

The nib, made in-house by Pilot, is 14k gold, again a gauge of quality where fountain pens are concerned. Softer than steel, like a well worn ring, the gold nib will ease into the the shape of your handwriting. No scratchiness guaranteed, just pure smoothness. 

When closed this pen only measures 11cm, but sits comfortably in hand when opened and "capped". It is lightweight but well balanced and can be used both for quick jotting as well as serious writing despite its small size. 

Takes Pilot cartridges which can be found here; or can be used with a converter cartridge and used with bottled fountain pen ink.
Sold in a presentation box
14k gold fine nib
Body is made from acrylic resin

Closed 119mm, Open capped 147mm, diameter 

Available in both Extra Fine nib (very fine) and Medium (on the finer side of medium), please choose from the dropdown menu above.

Please contact us at orders@choosingkeeping.com to purchase cartridges.