1975 Puppy Head Starch Glue


Old as the world, and the basic tool of the trade for bookbinders, this is starch glue. It is a versatile, child friendly, archival, non-toxic, extremely high performing with all paper to paper applications, such as collage, box making, bookbinding, sticking photographs etc. Basically we can't recommend this enough. Try it, love it. 

This particular brand and packaging can also be considered something of a nostalgic item, first made in 1975 and mysteriously depicting a yellow puppy dog and his friendly newsboy cap. Here attached a few pictures of how it is made in Japan, from 100% corn starch. 

Because of its 100% natural composition, this glue is acid-free for archival purposes. It can also be washed away with water. Dilute with water for a more liquid consistency when applied over large areas. 

Size: 60g
Material: Corn starch
Non-toxic and acid free
Officially the shelf life is 2 years, but the rumour on the inside is that this safely keeps and can still be used after 25 years of age. (without prejudice)