2024 Architects & Designers diary

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For all those designers and architects out there, for those after clarity and a bit of 90s retro - here is a full sized A4 hardback desktop for time and schedule keeping. The first pages feature a few infographic information sheets, covering the subjects of Le Corbusier's 'The Modulor' scale for harmonic measurement of space ; International paper sizes ; weights and measures ; Proof correction marks ; and some full colour printed pages on various projects from the "Blue Sky Design practice. 

Both practical and beautiful - bound in a rich Yves Klein blue shade -  this diary, proudly printed and designed in the USA would make the prefect present for anyone who appreciates a function over form approach to belongings. 

Double page, weekly view, includes a 3 year planner from 2023 - 2025, a 2 page double sheet year planner for 2024 and 2025 respectively as well as few pages for contacts, phone numbers and addresses at the back. 
Starts 18/12/2023 and runs to 05/01/25 
Includes a yellow bookmark
Hardback bound, stitch binding, in blue linen. 
Dimensions: 21.5 x 30.5 cm