50 "Pastel Tone" artist grade Japanese pencils


No other place does pencils like Japan as far as quality goes and that's also true for coloured pencils. Holbein is a small Japanese artist material company producing premium colour products since 1900. Beyond terrific quality product fit for any professional, the company has knack for zinger packaging with great graphic appeal, as seen in this pastels only set of 50 pastoral shades. 

Each pencil contains a thick core of high quality finely ground pigment calibrated with wax and oil for perfect smoothness. Scrutinised by our in-house illustrators, we can confidently attest these pencils offer a soft texture for beautiful, even blending and layering. Colours are bright and vibrant.

Highly recommended both as a visually appealing gift or as a treat for ones own art practice.

Box, 45 x 20 x 2.2 cm
Each pencil is 7.8mm thick
Inner pencil lead is 3.8mm (thicker than standard)