Accountant's desk notepad, all sizes


The sort of undeservedly unloved item which would have sat deep in the administration and filing section of our local Maison de la Presse, the staple stationery and book shop found in every French village center. 

In actual fact this is one of the best stationery items we have on offer - it is used to test pens everyday in the shop, and makes the ideal jotter for the desk, in every profession and any occasion. 

Each pad, contains a thick wad of economical but perfectly adequate ink friendly 200 sheets of paper, either lined or plain, micro perforated at the top, so these can be easily torn off. The pad is bolted on to a metal base anchored to the desk thanks to its weight and non-slip pads. Once you have gone through all the paper - simply unscrew the bolts and change over to a new refill to start all over again. 

Adding to the romance of our collective memory of France as it would have been in our childhoods, since the 1920s when these first were made - this pad is still manufactured in the 10th arrondissement in Paris - Quai de Jemmapes in its original workshop, a beautiful factory in style of Gustave Eiffel listed with the French Monuments Historiques and built in 1895 (here pictured, through the century).

Small - 16 x 10 cm (only in plain)
Medium - 21 x 13.5 cm (only in plain)

Metal construction with non-slip backing
Contains 200 micro-perforated sheets for clean and easy removal
60 g smooth white paper, Plain or 5mm Grid (choose below) only available in plain in the small size; small grid refills available however.

To purchase refill paper only - please select from the drop down menu below "refill" - each pad is otherwise sold containing 1 refill of 200 sheets already.