Black Aluminium Kaweco Special Fountain Pen


Choosing Keeping holds the largest range of Kaweco pens in the UK - indeed we have built a long-lasting friendship with the beloved Gutberlet family who run the company with so much brains and gusto. Kaweco is often mistaken for a Japanese brand - not so! - it is 100% German. Originally established in 1899 in Heidelberg (also home of Lamy), the company was eventually renamed Kaweco as its owners namesake, Henrich Koch and Rudolph Weber - KOch, WEber and COmpany. Here pictured, an advertisement from 1911 which declares, ‘stocked in every best stationery store’ - still the case! 

The Special range is in fact one of Kaweco's earliest design shapes, which can be broadly dated back to 1927 under the Colleg Extra range. In 1931, Kaweco made concerted efforts to refine and enhance the pen's branding; a 'streamlined shape, a cone-shaped cap, an angular clip' are all details which would define the new Kaweco Special to this day. Today, this classic design maintains the streamlined shape of its predecessors, whilst receiving a freshly updated finish. Indeed no longer made of plastic, all writing tools in the Special range (long and short mechanical pencils, ballpoints, and fountain pens) are milled from aluminium for a very well balanced and satisfyingly weighted writing experience. This is our preferred recommendation for architects, designers, artists, and professionals. 

A nice detail is in the posting of its cap, which can be threaded flush to the back of the pen for a long and slim silhouette, adding extra length and weight as needed. 

Slip-on chrome clip is optional and can be purchased separately here

Body material: Anodised black aluminium with ultra matte finish
Nib type: Medium*
Nib material: Stainless steel chrome-plated nib, manufactured by Boch of Heidelberg
Refill type: Takes standard small international cartridges; sold with one blue washable cartridge in the barrel. 
Dimensions: 14.8cm long, 1cm diameter
Included: presentation box, one blue ink cartridge

Made in Germany

*Please email us at if you would like a different nib size - in addition to the standard Medium, we stock nibs in Extra Fine, Fine, Broad, and Extra Broad.