Aluminium Black Kaweco Special Short Mechanical Pencil


This Kaweco 'Special' lead holder pencil pays homage to one of Kaweco’s models from the 1940s - now in a matt black aluminium finish for a fresh updated aesthetic. This shorter model is very handy and can be easily carried around in one's front pocket. We recommend this model without reservations. Various grade and coloured leads available.

Takes 109mm long lead refills widely available in the appropriate lead size (0.5, 0.7, 0.9 or 2mm)
Length: 109mm
Diameter: 10mm
Mechanism: Push button retract

Can be fitted with a clip available here

Sold with two HB graphite lead and 
packaged in a presentation black tin box

Lead size guide:
0.5mm - for drafting and precision drawing
0.7mm - most versatile for general writing and drawing (much less 'snappy' than 0.5mm)
0.9mm - general writing, good for heavier handed persons
(all above are self-sharpening and feature an eraser under the button)

2mm - the classic drafting architect size
(best used with a lead pointer available here)

Part of a matching suite of fountain pen, mechanical pen in long and short (0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm and 2mm) and ballpoint pen in long and short  - all also highly recommended.