Antoinette Poisson Papier Dominoté No 31, 6 Colours


Antoinette Poisson is a recently established studio founded in Paris, committed to the conservation and reproduction of French dominoté papers, small sized hand wood-blocked and hand-painted decorative prints, first made in France circa 1700. 

A precursor to the modern wallpaper, these were produced modestly and cheaply, relative to marbled papers, and used as various furnishing coverings as well as in the book industry as book covers (while manuscripts awaited binding). Most often they featured geometric or floral patterns - eventually becoming fashionable amongst the higher classes around 18th Century Europe. Eventually dominoté paper production spread to Britain and Italy, notably by the famous Remondini factory, which produced these to much larger success leading to the eventual demise of the the French counterpart industry. The folklorish origin of these papers as well as short lived industry may explain why they are not so well recognised or documented in French decorative arts history, until now rarely coveted by book collectors and with samples so rare...

Thus we are grateful to the three conservationists behind Antoinette Poisson for reviving the craft and production of these delicate and whimsical prints. 

Paper: Handmade rag paper
Print type: Block printed with hand-painted detail
Dimensions: 35 x 44cm