Black Pentel 1963 Sign Pen


This is a classic 'Sign Pen', the world's first felt-tip pen manufactured by Pentel in 1963, after 8 years of research and development. Initially Yukio Horien, Pentel's founder, struggled to have these produced. These were first handmade, before finally becoming popular and produced en-masse, after American President Johnson was photographed using the writing utensil. It reached the ultimate top-pedigree in 1966, after being included on space missions Gemini 6 and 7.

Made from 83% recycled material, with a water-based ink from a fibre tip. 

Body material: Recycled plastic
Ink colour: Black
Line width: Up to 2mm
Dimensions: length 13.3cm

Single use (not refillable). 

Sold as single; quantity is for one pen.