Yamato Nori Starch Glue Paste Tub


A very old product indeed - this starch glue, originally made from rice, was first made in 1899 when it was sold in a glass jars for 30 yen by Mr Kinouchi.

Later on the manufacturer, because of the scarcity of glass following WWII switched to ceramic pots - finally in 1958, the plastic tub pictured here was introduced and remains unchanged since then. 

Aside from its striking packaging, this glue is the crème de la crème of paper glues. It is used widely by professionals in bookbinding, fine arts and many other crafts. It is the perfect partner for working with fine papers, such as Japanese washi paper and other porous surfaces. A small spatula is included to help with application - but it can also be applied with a paint brush or finger.

Because of its 100% natural composition, this glue is acid-free for archival purposes. It can also be washed away with water. 

Size: 220g
Material: Tapioca starch
Non-toxic and acid free

Includes a spatula to aid with application