1990 Special Edition "Madras" Clairefontaine Notebook


While there is  sadly only one remaining reference still manufactured in France in the BIC catalogue (which is the 4 colour ballpoint pen) hats off to Clairefontaine, another stationery giant, which has kept its production 100% in France. Even more impressive, the main factory is still located in the eponymous town of Etival-Clairefontaine where the company was established 160 years ago. The factory produces 120 000 notebooks every day, or 25 million a year!

It is indeed a European rarity for an industrial company to remain family-run (now 6th generation in the Nusse family) and having resisted de-localisation. Clairefontaine is also the only European notebook maker to command the entire vertical chain of production as indeed it also makes the paper for its own notebooks. 

Many French students and pupils will remember Clairefontaine notebooks as the staple of their back-to-school shop each September, known in France as la rentrée. Clairefontaine launched its first notebook range in 1951 and the design has evolved over the decades but seemed to always have been a riff on some sort of tablecloth design. 

Here presented are faithful replicas of the 'Madras' version, first made in 1990 which ran through the main part of that decade. For those familiar with it, long lost memories of ink stains, botched pop-quizzes and the much feared "dictée" will come rushing back. The pattern takes its name from a lightweight cotton cloth type usually featuring a plaid or checker pattern from India, "Madras".

Clairefontaine paper quality is beyond reproach despite its honest pricing: bright and extra smooth, the perfect partner for fountain pen or any other tool as needed. 

We hope you enjoy the nostalgia of these special edition 80s Madras Clairefontaine Notebooks as we do. 

Size: Pocket (11 x 17 cm)
         Large A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)
Page Count: 64
Page Type: Ruled
Paper Weight: 90gsm

Fountain Pen Friendly: Yes

Please note each notebook is sold separately - choose your preferred size and coloured from the menu here above. 

Please click here below for a 1991 advert for the Madras notebook