Cheese Board Food Candles


Okay, admittedly this doesn't really fit the bill for our shop which often seeks to boast a purist stationery agenda, but we just couldn't help ourselves. So, not withstanding some embarrassment - but probably no apology, please find here our cheese board food candles, a cornucopia of kitsch bounty for your delight and amusement. 

Adding to the joy of these candles is the fact that they are produced artisanally in Italy by a 6th generation family company and thus any purchase of these extraordinary objects contributes to the continuation of a very valuable small business.

!Be safe, these candles should not be left unattended, are not a toy, they should only be handled by adults

Sold Individually, kindly choose from the dropdown menu (from left to right)
(Red cheese wheel, Gruyere, Smoked Cheddar Cheese Wheel, Ricotta, Slice of Gouda, Loaf of bread, bresaola ham and baguette)
Cotton wick, smoke absorbent candle