Choosing Keeping and Perfumer H - Scented Journal


Perfumer H and Choosing Keeping are proud to announce their seasonal partnership.

Two shopkeepers have come together in mutual admiration to create a collection of objects that touch the core of both brands: style and utility.

Whether locked away late in the study or simply carving out a moment's peace at the kitchen table, immerse yourself in creativity this winter with a collaboration designed to transform your writing desk.

- - - 

A scented notebook, linen bound and hand stitched in England and covered in French marbled paper with gold foil decoration.

The pages are gently perfumed with the fragrance Paper, to bring an air of inspiration wherever they're opened.

Includes 5 detachable marbled sheets which can be removed from the notebook and used as drawer liners. 

Hard back
Fountain pen friendly
Plain paper
Size: 13.5 x 21 cm