Christmas Ornaments, Red Matte Mushroom


At the shop we often joke around that we live and breathe Christmas all year round. Unfortunately, or fortunately - depending on how you feel towards this annual occasion, there is some truth to this statement and certainly somewhere in Germany there are people who live in glitter 12 months a year for the sole purpose of our delight and enjoyment.

Indeed planning for our Christmas display is something we do with much gusto and the selection process for what will grace our shop Christmas tree this year has led to many sleepless nights wondering: "should we get the Macaroni and Cheese ornament or the branch celery?". More often than not, we had to take both for what we hope is our best spread yet.

It may be also of interest, that out of concern for authenticity (tree decorating having been introduced to the world from Northern Europe and Germany broadly) that bar a few lone exceptions (which are labelled if applicable), all our ornaments are 100% made in the EU by hand. Your purchase of such ornaments contributes to keeping this charming cottage industry alive. Many designs are made from antique moulds that are often over 100 years old and the price reflects the quality and love with which they have been made.

Indeed we imagine that many are those who carefully purchase each year a special decoration with the intent to conserve it, building an heirloom collection which will be treasured and passed on in the family. Children will remember a particular ornament they had a special eye for and it is with the above emotion that we bring together this offering for your consideration and amusement.

Please note each decoration is hand painted and thus that each decoration carries the individuality of its painters hand.

Material: Hand blown glass
Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 9cm