Clicky Matte White Aluminium Ballpoint Pen


The up-market and all-metal alter ego of the Japanese plastic, orange classic from 1973, this ballpoint is a good middle ground between disposable and a "proper" pen. We have found the seemingly unimportant side click mechanism to be particularly satisfying and also characteristic of early Japanese ballpoint design - push the button down to engage the ballpoint, then release the pen using the side click. The powder coated barrel also boasts an agreeably soft, satin texture, and a good weight in hand - a nice writing companion. 

Also available in black, mint, cornflower, and blossom pink. 

Body material: Matte powder-coated aluminium
Mechanism: Click-Propel side mechanism
Refill type: Takes standard Parker-style cartridges; sold with one black 0.7mm fine and smooth gel cartridge
Dimensions: 14.5 cm