Black Carbon Pigment Ink Bottle


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This is ink is pigment based - as opposed to dye based; this means it has actual minuscule particles of coal to give it a great depth of black colour and is permanent. Watercolours and other mediums can be washed over without the ink running. 

Usually forbidden to use with fountain pens, this specially formulated ink is compatible to use with this technical drawing pen. We cannot recommend it more highly - it should become a daily companion for any drafter, designer or illustrator.

If left unused for a period of time, the ink, which is partial to drying, may gunk up. In this case simply rinse out the feed (the front section of pen) in clear cold water and fit with a new fresh cartridge. 

This pigment ink is also available in easy to load cartridges and in bottles in sepia or red colours.

Alternatively this ink can also be used with dip pens and brushes and is a great artist material - it is not recommended however for use with other writing implements and especially not with precious fountain pens.