Caramel Pilot Custom 823 Vacuum-Fill Fountain Pen


Pilot's Custom suite of fountain pens are based on a classic 1930s Japanese pen design Torpedo-style à la Montblanc, cigar shape, gold ball clip and all. It's a no frills design, which some people might find a bit stuffy and conservative - however if you can put function over form you will value this writing companion tenfold over - it's a workhorse of  pen, so reliable and straightforward. 

The main attraction is indeed this pen's high performance 14k gold nib. Whereas nearly all pen makers worldwide subcontract their nibs to specialist factories, the Japanese - namely Pilot, Sailor and Platinum - produce theirs in house, making truly superior nibs of great smoothness and sometimes capable of a unique soft flexible feel and line variation, something usually only found in antique pens. The difference with an antique pen is that the Custom will not leak, is extremely reliable and will not cause you any grief. 

The model here on offer, is, relative to the rest of the Custom suite, actually a fair bit more sexy. First off it's quite a large bodied pen, giving it added presence; is clear bodied but in a beautiful rich and retro caramel tint (avoiding the drawbacks of totally clear demonstrators (the name given to clear transparent bodied pens) as the dark colouring will hide any rogue speck of ink etc) and finally it offers a high-tech vacuum-fill system allowing for maximum ink storage. Vacuum refill systems are particularly well paired with any writer with a penchant for inks and colours. You can keep an eye on the ink storage level and not least admire all the beautiful shades of inks through the body of the pen. An additional benefit is that you are not tied into the cartridge system, an advantage both in ecological terms, making away with unwanted plastic, but also economically as bottled ink is much cheaper in comparison. Finally for those writing a lot, piston fill allows for double the amount of ink usually held in regular cartridges making this pen a great candidate for a doctor, student or any other profession where writing is done without restraint. 

Nib wise, we offer this writing implement in Fine, Medium and Broad all three true to size and divine to write with in their own respective repertoire.  We highly recommend Pilot pens to anyone unsure of purchasing a pen online as Pilot pens deliver on what is advertised and do not hold many (bad) surprises. 

Available in Fine, Medium, or Broad - please choose from the dropdown menu

Body material: Acrylic resin
Nib size: Fine, Medium, or Broad 
Nib material: 14k Gold
Cap type: Threaded screw-on cap
Refill type: Vacuum filling system; can only be used with bottled fountain pen ink. 
Dimensions: Closed 14.9cm, Posted 16.25cm, Barrel diameter 1.27cm
Included: presentation box