Decorative 'Desk Tidy' Drawer Set, Burgundy Wild Roses

£350.00 £250.00

Choosing Keeping puts its mind and knowledge together to deliver this collection of Desk Tidies - the all-too-useful sorter and organiser - 24 individual drawers in this cupboard like card furniture piece for your desk in which to store labels, clips, tape, stamps or any errand stationery item otherwise without a good home. 

Where brown cardboard à la Muji just won't make the cut - consider this lovingly handmade set of drawers, covered in beautiful Italian patterned paper, with matching complimentary colour inside each drawer. Each drawer is finished with a precious and very dainty antiqued brass handle pull for easy opening. Handles can be augmented with tassels or ribbons and labelled with the help of these pretty stickers.

Best suited as a desk top item, preferably backed on to a wall, it will create a beautiful patterned backdrop to any desk space. Unapologetically decorative, maximalist, pattern-embracing, we offer 6 different colours to choose from. 

Beyond the desk, what a useful thing for sorting all manner of small things, in a children's bedroom or creative studio - it is universally versatile. 

External Size: 51 x 36.5 x 13.5 cm
Each Drawer individually measuring: 8 x 8 x 12 cm
Material: Italian paper, card and brass handles

Avoid using the top as a surface for heavy items - this item is made of hefty card, but cannot sustain very heavy items.