Decorative Forget-me-not Scalloped Edge Envelopes - Pack of 10


In your house on lampshades, in your dressing cabinet - collars reminiscent of Laura Ashley galore - and now at your desk by way of this dainty blue forget-me-not letter writing set, there is nothing than can stop scalloped edges from making a long awaited comeback from the 80s into your life.

Choosing Keeping, a true and shameless lover of decorative detail, also seeded in an 80s world of Japanese cuteness, is happy to contribute to this raging fashion by offering a matching set of extremely daintily printed correspondence writing supplies inspired by Forget-me-nots. Perhaps you can draw on the flowers' sweet symbolism of love and remembrance for words and sentiment. 

Envelopes are sold in a pack of 10 pieces. Matching flat cards are available separately (also sold as  a pack of ten) - use them as thank you notes, place cards, invites ; have them printed for formal occasions or in any other way you see fit. 

Dimensions: 10 x 15.8 cm
Pack of 10 envelopes

Matching flat cards available here