Decorative Strawberry Scalloped edge Handkerchief flat cards - Pack of 10


In your house on lampshades, in your dressing cabinet - collars reminiscent of Laura Ashley galore - and now at your desk by way of a strawberry design letter writing set, there is nothing than can stop scalloped edges from making a long awaited comeback from the 80s into your life.

How this small OTT and girly detail has been able to find its way into today's pandemic trends is certainly unexpected - perhaps explained as welcome form of escapism from harsh and strictly binary modern aesthetics - delving into Victorian pseudo-historical aesthetics, looking for some flourishes in a Gen Z world where unapologetic femininity is de rigeur.

We wish it were true and so Choosing Keeping, a true and shameless lover of decorative detail, also seeded in an 80s world of Japanese cuteness, is happy to contribute to this raging fashion by offering a matching set of extremely daintily printed correspondence writing supplies, much like an embroidered handkerchief with fresh summer flowering strawberries reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie.

Either flat cards or square writing paper - with matching envelopes to size (each sold as a pack of ten) - use them as thank you notes, place cards, invites ; have them printed for formal occasions or in any other way you see fit. 

Dimensions: 8.7 x 13.5 cm
Pack of 10 flat cards

Matching envelopes and writing paper can be found here.