Desktop Aluminium Zenith Stapler


This stapler, first manufactured in the 1940s, was inspired by the designs of Italian cars of the time and made by Zenith, a company which embodies all the qualities we look for in a supplier and then some. The company celebrated its 90th birthday in 2014. In 1924 two families Balma and Capoduri started manufacturing staplers as they still do today in their original town of Voghera, an hour outside Milan. When most companies and consumers are driven by price, forgetting the value of something that lasts forever - this Italian company has retained the focus on the quality of its product, with an irreproachable level of social engagement to its employees and to the environment.  

Having seen the factory with our own eyes (here are few images of our trip), we can vouch for the quality of the production and attention to detail as does the manufacturer by extending a lifetime warranty to all its products.

One of Choosing Keeping's favourites - this stapler is great for administration and will not give you an ounce of grief - satisfying stapling is what its all about. 

Staples up to 40 sheets  

12 x 6.5 x 9.5 cm

Staple Size:
24/6, 24/8 and 24/10

Includes box of 1000 staples

Now available to order in Gold and Vermillion.