Desktop White Double Tape Dispenser


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A very heavily weighted tape dispenser (1.6 kg to be exact) which can be used using one hand only. It will accommodate both small and large diameter tape types up to 18mm wide which is standard most places (bar the UK 24mm wide Cellotape which won't fit but can be circumvented easily). Its base is PVC coated to protect the surface it is put down on from being scratched. 

In this double model, one of the dispensers can be turned around so that two people sitting across from each other can use the same tape dispenser. Clever?

All round a great piece of gear, used and tested at the shop without any grievances. 

Takes small and large diameter tapes tape rolls up to 18mm wide

16 x 11.5 x 4.6 cm
Material: Steel with PVC coated base
Tape Width:
Up to 18mm
Pictured tape not included

Also available in black