Extra-Thick "Composition Ledger" Wallpaper Collection Notebook, Blue Rosebuds


Not content with using the many wrapping and decorative papers currently produced in the world, we have borrowed from the field of Interiors, so tempted by the beautiful hand block printed wallpapers of the past, our signature composition notebooks here featuring antique wallpapers dated from 1920 to 1970. Back then, before digital printing each paper had to be block printed and so you may even find your notebook features the cut marks and colour charts both to facilitate application for the decorator or as an aid for the printer to match the colour between rolls.  

This may be the perfect gift for someone studying design, textile or for a lover of interiors, patterns and chintz - something sustainable too, as we have used something discarded and old, to make something new which can now enjoy a second life, repurposed. 

Internally you have fountain pen friendly paper from Italy, a mellow creme colour, soft on the eye both for writing and drawing and sketching. 

Size: 17 x 23cm
Page Count: 190 - 200 approx
Page Type: Ruled or plain (please select from the dropdown above)
Cover: Hardback
Fountain Pen Friendly: Yes

Please note repurposing this material is meticulous work and done all by hand, as the cover papers can be brittle and fragile due to age. Please note this means too there can be small imperfections relating to age, but contributing to the antique quality of this item. 

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