Foiled and Engraved Cupid in Ambush Greeting Card


Consider Matthew Prior's (164-1721) poem and this matching charming hand printed engraved and foiled card for your Valentine's this year:

It oft to many has successful been
Upon his arm to let his mistress lean,
Or with her airy fan to cool her heat,
Or gently squeeze her knees, or press her feet.
All public sports to favour young desire,
With opportunities like this conspire.
E’en where his skill the gladiator shows,
With human blood where the Arena flows,
There oftentimes Love’s quiver-bearing boy
Prepares his bow and arrows to destroy;
While the spectator gazes on the sight,
And sees them wound each other with delight;
While he his pretty mistress entertains,
And wagers with her who the conquest gains,
Slily the god takes aim, and hits his heart,
And in the wounds he sees he bears his part.

Card Size: 16 x 11.5cm
Plain inside
Envelope included