Gold Lametta Tinsel


Adorn your tree with vintage tinsel - made of real tin! 

A sustainable and more elegant alternative to its readily available plastic counterpart, this tinsel is weighty and drapes beautifully on the tree year after year, since original Lametta is intended to be re-used.

Legend has it that Lametta has been used as early as the 1600's and was originally made from silver, prone to tarnishing. Tin was later employed as a cheaper, tarnish free solution, until it was all but completely replaced by plastic, much cheaper to produce.

Colour: Gold
Size: 55 cm approx.
Weight: 35g approx.

Material: Tin

Please note: We have several packaging designs available and one will be randomly selected for you. 

Keep away from the reach of children and pets as tinsel might present a choking hazard.