Graf Von Faber-Castell Sterling Silver Perfect Pencil


For pencil users who feel left out of the fountain pen game, tempted by the beautiful finishes and luxurious materials but not quite convinced by the inherent logistics of the tool, we are pleased to offer this elegant alternative: the appropriately named Perfect Pencil. While still retaining the essential wood cased body of a modest pencil, its extender cap contains a sharpener and offers the added length needed once the pencil is sharpened down. Unscrew the end cap and you will find an eraser. When the pencil is not in use the sharpened end is tucked away under the cap for safe keeping when in a jacket pocket or in a bag and looks no less fancy than any good looking fountain pen. 

While more expensive, the silver finish offers the weight and unmistakenly light colour of this noble material. Like silver bangles, notches and marks of wear will add to the utensil's personality, testament of time and use.

The extender cap must be used with it's own pencils which are designed to fit the eraser end. These have been shaped and carved with a delicate guilloche pattern and are made from American cedar and guarantee a beautiful aroma when sharpened. 

Basically there's no denying this pencil says elegant in all possible ways, including its thin and dainty presentation wooden box. Of course it comes with the relevant pedigree, made by the oldest pencil makers (or one of two at least, the other being Staetdler)) in the world - Faber-Castell, established 1761.   

The Perfect Pencil - the perfect present maybe? 

Spare pencils and eraser can be ordered on request, please email

Diameter: 9mm
Length: 155mm (becomes smaller as the pencil is used)