Handblown Glass Dip Pen with Antique Doll Head handle


Perhaps something you would see at the museum shop at Hampton Court?

Glass pens which echo Tudor times and Shakespeare gave us the heebie-jeebies, not least the horrible threat of a chipped nib end on the paper, tearing fibres away, what a nightmare !

Nevertheless there is an undeniable historical and romantic charm to wax seals, ink in vials and quills  - a sort of gothic re-enactment of past correspondence à la Cyrano de Bergerac. 

To this effect we are pleased to introduce to the Choosing Keeping assortment our first handblown glass pen, with decorative detail. This pen is adorned with a porcelain antique doll's head. Writing is smooth and long lasting thanks to the swirling motion in the nib piece.

All pieces are handmade and vary slightly. Nibs come in blue, black or clear, and body black or blue. Please write in your order notes any preferences, we will do our best to choose the closest matching colour way (this cannot be guaranteed depending on availability) 

Matching glass pen holder is available, please inquire at info@choosingkeeping.com

Please handle with care, especially the nib piece which is delicate and breakable if used with too much force or dropped. Please rinse after use.