Italian Decorative Gift Bags, Pinks


The outer gift bag is a somewhat peculiar concept as a product type (especially those weird wine bottle types) although in fact quite an important element to the whole gift package experience. There's nothing less charming than turning up at someones house and pulling a present out, however nicely wrapped, of one's own personal receptacle, subpar carrier bag. You want to be handing over a beautifully pristine crisp sealed gift bag for the maximum effect. Indeed, if you have ever purchased a gift in Japan - or watched Love Actually alternatively - you will know wrapping is about layering - deliciously revealing the contents in a sort of Russian doll scenario. 

These bags are sold as singles in two sizes. They may be folded over (without firm crease) in postage if need be. 

Paper and twist papered handles
Small - 20 x 10 x 26cm
Large - 36 x 12 x 40 cm