Black Kaweco Dia2 Fountain Pen


Choosing Keeping holds the largest range of Kaweco pens in the UK - indeed we have built a long-lasting friendship with the beloved Gutberlet family who run the company with so much brains and gusto. Kaweco is often mistaken for a Japanese brand - not so! - it is 100% German. Originally established in 1899 in Heidelberg (also home of Lamy), the company was eventually renamed Kaweco as its owners namesake, Henrich Koch and Rudolph Weber - KOch, WEber and COmpany.

The Dia2 is a remake of the 1930’s piston fountain pen Dia, which boasted a transparent ink tank allowing the writer to see how much ink was left. The modern version, assembled and polished by hand, takes standard Kaweco cartridges and is built for a brilliant no faff writing experience. The design itself is classic and timeless, with minimal gold trim to match the nib and ridged details which lend for a perfect everyday companion.

This is an amazing fountain pen both for it’s affordability and ease of use and we recommend beginners to start with a medium sized nib. 

Body material: Acrylic
Nib size: Extra-Fine to Broad (choose from dropdown menu)
Nib material: Gold plated Steel
Cartridge type: Takes Kaweco cartridges which can be found here. Sold with one blue cartridge in the barrel.

Dimensions: 13cm closed, 12.5cm open, 15.5cm posted

Made in Germany