Luxury Vintage French 1920s Greeting Card, Verlaine Poem


Choosing Keeping is very proud to offer a selection of beautifully printed, original new-old-stock dating from 1920 - over 100 year old French greeting cards! 

This design in particular is probably one of the most beautifully designed, printed and stylistically expressive greeting cards we have ever sold. It is a declaration of love and beauty through the words of Paul Verlaine, one France's most treasured lyrical and sensual poets of the 19th century and reads:

Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches
Et puis voici mon coeur qui ne bat que pour vous

in English:

Here are the fruits, flowers, leaves and branches
And then there is my heart, which beats only for you

The cards has been printed in gold powder, and matte colours for the depiction of fruits and flowers, die cut in the center, to reveal a bold Matisse inspired interior, two angels holding a heart set upon a starry charcoal night sky. Dreamy. 

The card can be framed to keep. 

Comes with an off-white envelope (please note the envelope is not a perfect match for size as the card is an irregular old format)