Monochromatic Mixed Media Artist Set


Here put-forth is our monochromatic architectural and cityscape art set. Rather than colour and contrast we have sought to put together items, which, through textural effect (wet and dry), organic tonality and sober colour palette may lead to some interesting expressive, graphic perhaps dramatic work.
Indeed you have here everything you need to set off and draw monuments, buildings and the world around you - but they will require that you think more of light and shadow, and make use with more discernment and abstraction for colour of which you have fewer and in more paired back form. 

More specifically within you will find, first and foremost a large notebook containing heavyweight structured paper used for mixed media and highly prized in Japan by Manga ink artists. A high-quality fat willow charcoal stick for quick loose and easy sketching. More precision thanks to 3 Swiss watersoluble pencils - all black seemingly black in appearance but which, with water, offer a variation of black in red, green and bluish tones. Bring out light and carve out white spaces thanks to an artisan Japanese putty eraser. Beautiful copper tones drawing ink and a fine brush can be used for washes or to draw in detail. 

All in all I'd say this is pretty stylish and trendy art set, good for experimenting and playing around, great to discover new mediums.

This set includes:

- 3 Water-soluble Swiss Technalo pencils (each one a different shade of black)
- a putty kneadable eraser 
- a large willow drawing stick
- a bottle of Mahogany Wood Stain Pigment Ink
- a large Japanese Mixed Media Sketch book
- a precise inking and drawing paintbrush 

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking on the links.
Each set comes gift wrapped unless otherwise advised.