One Hundred Marbled Papers, John Jeffery - Edition 1 of 2


Jeffery, John. One Hundred Marbled Papers. London: Choosing Keeping, 2019
Edition 1 of 2 

Presenting here a rare and finely bound volume presenting 100 original sheets of marbled paper from leading international contemporary paper marblers. Many sheets are sold to museums for their Decorative Arts collections. This volume was produced in an effort to assemble, conserve and highlight the work of artists, who's fleeting production is rarely exhaustively archived, existing in a segmented manner across bookends and ephemera in the world libraries. Find them here assembled in an exceptionally crafted object. Something for paper and book lovers combined. 

Choosing Keeping commissioned the elusive fine bookbinder John Jeffery to produce the volume as an edition of 2. Edition 1 is bound in green half goatskin, marbled sides, spines and edge of leather ornately tooled in gold.  

Materials: green quarter goatskin, marbled sides, spines and edge of leather tooled in gold. Includes a slipcase.

Sale for this book is final.