Papier-mâché Halloween tabletop decorations


This group of small scale papier-mâché figurines are perfect for a table setting, dressing the window sill or mantel piece for a Black Forest theme and ambiance. They are made by a family company in the Black Forest and 100% capture the Halloween festive spirit. 

All decorations are sold separately; please select your choice from the drop down above.

Details: (Left to Right)
Krampus Figurine, 8.5cm - £45
The Witch, Pumpkin and Black Cat, 25cm - £125
Tiny Cat, 5.5cm  - £20
Black Cat and Bell, 14cm - £40

Please note that any order containing a decoration, ordered as part of our early bird Christmas offer may not be shipped immediately (aiming for before the end of September) If you have a deadline, kindly let us know by email on