Papier-mâché Red Mushroom with Butterfly


These papier-mâché candy boxes are perfect for a table setting, dressing the window sill or mantel piece for a Black Forest theme and ambiance. They are made by a family company in the Black Forest and 100% capture the Christmas spirit. 


For the fourth year running, Choosing Keeping is pleased to offer a wide range of Christmas Ornaments for your enjoyment.

These have been chosen with the following criteria in mind:

Origin: All our ornaments are 100% produced in Europe, specifically in towns and areas which have been historically involved in the production of Christmas items. In purchasing these items, you are directly contributing to the survival of a traditional cottage industry, supporting a village community - which we consider to have a significant historical and social value.

Quality: Being handmade, each bauble bears the human signature of its maker and painter. For good or bad this means each painted detail is original, full of personality and sometimes slightly strange!

Originality: Each individual maker has its own sense of aesthetics, vision, speciality and sense of humour. Some are hyper-realistic, others purposefully nostalgic and distressed, and many unapologetically eccentric!

Material: Papier-mâché
Dimensions150 x 120 mm