Premium Platinum Classic Iron-Gall Fountain Pen Ink Bottle, 60ml


This is top of the range Japanese fountain pen ink, produced by Platinum, a small but wonderful Japanese pen maker. 

These are particularly special, not only for their extremely stylish and understated colours, but also from a technical point of view: being 'iron-gall' based, they will darken and oxidise with time. For anyone wondering what iron-gall is, let us enlighten you - this will be the formulation of all inks, pre-20th century, before dye-based inks were the mainstream. Iron-gall is usually made from oak apples, a parasite growth resulting from wasps laying their eggs in the oak tree. 

Possibly not a very romantic story, especially for entomophobes, but this type of ink base has been used since Roman times, and is in fact far superior to modern inks. It is lightfast, or permanent if you will, has much richer depth of colour, and generally performs better (especially on poor quality papers) with no bleeding or feathering. These inks are still a standard in registry offices (hence the name Registrar's ink) where permanence of records is de rigeur. 

Usually iron-gall inks are not recommended to use with fountain pens, due to their acidity; this formulation has been optimised and is perfectly suited to use with any fountain pen. 

Ingredients: Iron-gall
Quantity: 60ml
Permanent: Yes
Fountain pen friendly: