Spaghetti Bolognese Candle


What's not festive about a bowl of spaghetti bolognese ? Use this as a funny party trick, or simply as a delicious looking (but not edible!) enhancement for your table setting. It's not everyday you will come across a full spag bowl, plate and all, made of wax and serving as a decorative accessory. 

Admittedly not a literal interpretation of what we like to think we are: a purist stationery shop. But we just couldn't help ourselves and hope you will forgive this side step which we devised 100% for our delight and amusement - 2020 certainly requires it. 

Adding to the intrinsic joy brought about by this decorative tour de force is the fact that it is produced artisanally in Italy by a 6th generation family company and thus any purchase of this extraordinary object contributes to the continuation of a very valuable small business.

!Be safe, this candle should not be left unattended, is not a toy, and should only be handled by adults.

Cotton wick, smoke absorbent candle