Spaghetti Bolognese Candle


What's not festive about a bowl of spaghetti bolognese ? Use this as a funny party trick, or simply as a delicious looking (but not edible!) enhancement for your table setting. It's not everyday you will come across a full spag bowl, plate and all, made of wax and serving as a decorative accessory. 

Admittedly not a literal interpretation of what we like to think we are: a purist stationery shop. But we just couldn't help ourselves and hope you will forgive this side step which we devised 100% for our delight and amusement - 2020 certainly requires it. 

Adding to the intrinsic joy brought about by this decorative tour de force s the fact that it is produced artisanally in Italy by a small family-owned business where 'the art of working the wax’ has been handed down from father to son for six generations, and thus any purchase of these extraordinary objects contributes to the continuation of a very valuable small business. The “cereria’ or wax laboratory began in 1840, producing church candles, high in demand those days in the region.

Today the candles today are still made by hand, using the highest quality raw materials; the wax used in the process is the same grade used as protection for the food industry. In fact, it is not uncommon to find many types of cheese coated in the same way for preservation. The wicks on the candles are of pure cotton, making them smoke-absorbent and dripless.

!Be safe, this candle should not be left unattended, is not a toy, and should only be handled by adults.

Cotton wick, smoke absorbent candle
Made in Italy