St Clement Bullfinch Ceramic Bird


Lorraine, in the eastern part of France has been known historically for its dynamic earthenware industry, thanks to its rich clay soil. The factory of St Clement, maker of these birds, has been producing uninterrupted for over 250 years since 1758 when it was producing soon thereafter pieces for Marie Antoinette's pastoral fantasy decor at Versailles Castle. 

Skip ahead 150 years, the bird paperweights presented here are made from original moulds from the early 20th century as part of the École de Nancy Art Nouveau Movement. The particular style of painting and pastel colours called Barbotine can be translated in English as majolica or slipware and typical of the turn of the century style. 

Today unfortunately the number of such ceramic workshops, which at a time had been supplying plates and cups to the whole of France, is in alarming decline. As far as we're concerned the potential closure of such historical factories, like the fate of Wedgewood in the UK (todays Wedgewood's plates are mainly made in Asia) represents an immeasurable loss for the decorative art field and we wish to make a stand by presenting and offering to our customers these very special ceramic birds symbol of artistic freedom and boldness.

Take your pick - the bullfinch, the sparrow, the yellowhammer or the goldfinch - make it a companion for your desk whilst you work.