Steve Harrison Ceramic Desk Cup, No.111 White porcelain with brown knob


Produced as part of an ongoing collaboration between Choosing Keeping and British salt glaze potter Steve Harrison, culminating in the 2020 exhibition 'Desk', these desk cups are an example of just one of Harrison's atmospheric accessories for his fantasy Desk. 

Desk’, an exclusive one-off collection, speaks to stationery itself, seeking significance in the detail of writing and drawing implements. The exhibition draws on Harrison’s relentless drive for perfection of form in cups and teapots while adopting a more experimental approach to uncover the delicate creative environment of the desk. Both an artist and tea-worshipper, Harrison draws parallel between tea ceremony and creative practice. He considers their mutual and relatable experience - brewing tea leaves or grinding natural pigments - both ceremonies requiring set tools and live materials essential in creating a mental ritual for making.

White porcelain pen pot with yellow highlights and brown side knob 
6.5cm tall x 8.5cm ⌀

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