Traditional Papier-mâché Hen Figurine


Welcome to Easterland! This year we've sourced a substantial offering of Easter decorations! Lambs, rabbits, hens and chicks all ready to adorn your table for Easter Sunday or to be placed around the house as a sign of the arrival of Spring. 

Here we present you a sweet papier-mâché figurine of a hen laying her eggs, the perfect decoration piece to satisfy the cottage-core fans amongst us! These figurines are made using a traditional moulding technique and naive hand painting which imbue them with great character and soul. 

In fact, these Easter decorations are produced by hand in the Eastern part of Germany where for over 100 years the toy industry flourished, supplying the world with objects for the amusement and joy of children. Today unfortunately, only a few studios and their homeworkers continue to produce such items but their charm still operates  thanks to their characterful faces, nostalgic appearance and old-fashioned symbolism. It's a slice of an older and simpler time, and to buy one is to ensure the studios continue making for the next generation. 

Size: approx 13x8x9cm

Kindly note each figurine being handprinted will have variations in its detail. Please handle carefully as they are delicate if dropped. Not waterproof.

These are not toys and are not suitable for children.