Vintage French Embroidered WWI Greeting Card, To my dear Mother


Choosing Keeping is very proud to offer a selection of beautifully embroidered, original new-old-stock dating from the First World War - over 100 year old French greeting cards!ย 

Often found in museums, most likely accompanying tales of lucky escapes from almost certain death at the hands of the enemy, these types of silk embroidered greeting cards were commonly sent to and from soldiers on the front by their aching wives, mothers and sweethearts.ย 

Due to their handmade nature, delicate construction - with embossed and scalloped frame - and overall fragile nature, they were considered an expensive treat - only for the dearest people. Being sent from the front meant they were seldom written on; instead, they were left blank and accompanied longer letters (we like to imagine deeply sentimental ones with promises of undying love). Maybe for this reason, the card backs are not fountain pen friendly and feather quite a lot - you will be okay with a ballpoint though.

Size: 13.5 x 8.5 cm
Comes with an off-white/ pink envelope to size

Kindly note this is a vintage handmade item which is over 100 years old. That means slight discolouration or unevenness of the paper is to be expected; the silk embroidery is strictly handmade and it can vary slightly between greeting cards; this means the placement of the embroidery will not always be perfectly centred.ย