Yellow Mochaware Ceramic Desk Bouquet Vase


Mochaware was first made in Staffordshire, England since the 1780s. Once regarded as utilitarian, common and cheap, this eccentric and colourful slipware decoration is making a comeback for its folklorish appeal. 

In 1852, Charles Dickens, visited the Copeland Pottery Works and described the process: “[…] those particular jugs and mugs were once set upon a lathe and put in motion, and how a man blew the brown colour (having a strong natural affinity with the material in that condition) on them from a blow pipe as they twirled ; and how his daughter, with a common brush, dropped blotches of blue upon them in the right places; tilting the blotches upside down, she made them run into rude images of trees, and there and end."


We are pleased to offer a small variation on our regular mochaware desk cups, perhaps to liven up one's desk with a small bouquet or to hold larger paintbrushes and utensils. 

Each vase is one of a kind and features small changes within the design. 

Size: 14.5 x 12.5cm

Material: Mochaware ceramic