FriXion Fine Gel Pen


Erasing ballpoint and most ink types has always been a problem. Many will remember the use of eradicators and Tippex at school. You will not find these for sale at Choosing Keeping for the emotional scars they have left in our perfectionist little souls. If only we had had FriXion pens back then ; unfortunately this technology only made its debut in the early 2000s. Even now FriXion seems a revelation to many of our customers.  

Essentially FriXion pens use a special heat sensitive ink which becomes transparent when rubbed using the eraser on the back of the pen. The eraser will not wear out, as its purpose is to heat up the ink, not to pick up pigment as in a traditional eraser.

Another cool thing about FriXion is that the eraser ink can be brought back by simply placing the paper into the freezer, so we're told. Good if you're a magician...

We hope you'll enjoy these Japanese domestic market only products, also for their satisfyingly exotic packaging and design. 

Sold in singles.