Japanese 1965 Mitsubishi No. 550 Ballpoint Pen


If one imagined (Japanese) stationery history to be an academic subject, then this pen, No. 550 would have to be included in the class textbook. Indeed Mitsubishi one of the two main rival companies, with Tombow, originally manufacturing pencils from the late 19th century begun producing ballpoint pens in 1961, long after Ohto which produced the first Japanese ballpoint pen in 1949. 

After some research, it appears this is one of the oldest still existing designs dating to 1965 and so it is truly and integrally retro. 

Just like No. 460, from Mitsubishi also, this is a very good disposable pen especially you fancy yourself living in the 60s. 

Writes with a 0.7mm line, which is very thin and precise.
Sold in singles