Matte brushed Steel Bauhaus Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen


One of only two remaining German family owned and run pen makers (unlike Pelikan and Montblanc which are both publicly listed and multinational-group owned)  - Lamy deserves particular attention for its contribution in developing truly modern pens.

The company was founded by Josef Lamy in 1930. Prior to starting his own business Josef Lamy had in fact been working as a sales rep for Parker and this influence can be found in Lamy's early pens which used the same filling system as Parker and whose conservative designs were loosely based on the classic 1921 Duofold.

Where he, and his son Dr Manfred Lamy innovated radically was their use of moulded plastics - as opposed to hand turned acrylics and celluloids. Much like Braun and Olivetti, this post-war company was interested with ideas of modernity, Lamy broke with the past by creating mass manufactured writing tools with a design functio-over-form focused approach. Here pictured Lamy's headquarters in 1957. 

Unsuprisingly an exemplary specimen of Bauhaus design, and Lamy's most iconic pen, can be found in the Lamy 2000. Launched in 1966 the pen was designed by Gerd A. Müller, who was working at the time for Braun alongside Dieter Rams. Parallels between his razor design for Braun, the Sixtant SM3 (pictured here) and the Lamy 2000 are obvious - as much in the proportions and curved lines, as in its use  of brushed metal and black plastic coexisting side by side.

No cartridges are needed as the pen has a built in piston refill system whereby the back section of the body is unscrewed to suck in ink through the nib from an ink well. 

The nib, 14K platinum coated gold, will adjust and form to the users handwriting as it is used more and more. The hooded design means the pen is less susceptible to drying when left uncapped.

As far as taste goes, you are in safe territory with the Lamy 2000, a staple of the designer and architect kit. This brushed metal finish variation on the classic black Makrolon model, is a weightier writing implement and suitable for those looking for something more substantial in hand, or for those wanting a bit more “bling”.  “Elegant” is probably a more suited adjective to describe it, as indeed this pen is flawless aesthetically and should attract the jealousy of all your colleagues and friends - which is surely what having nice pens is all about :-)

Body Material: Stainless brushed steel finish
Nib type: Platinum coated 14K Gold nib
Refill type: Piston refillable mechanism (built in, does not require cartridges, but refills from an ink bottle using fountain pen ink)

Barrel diameter: 12.5mm
Capped length: 138mm  
Uncapped length: 125mm
Posted: 154mm
(We do not recommend posting this pen to avoid making marks on the barrel)

Is sold in a presentation box. 

Ink bottles available here and here

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Photo: Die Neue Sammlung - The International Design Museum Munich (A. Laurenzo)