Premium Japanese Ebake Nihonga Brush


Here on offer are two similar yet distinct wide brushes traditionally used in Japanese Nihonga painting, fantastic for anyone using our mineral pigment paint and Japanese watercolour gansai paint, wishing to lay down large areas of colour allowing for perfect blending. Also a beautiful brush for creating ink work where the expression of each single stroke is the desired effect. 

The hair used here is carefully selected so that when fully saturated with paint and water you can expect an even and smooth coverage without streaks. This would be particularly useful for creating background colour washes with seamless colour gradation. 

Exclusively for use with paint. Carefully wash after use and hang dry. Brush No. 2 

These Paintbrushes are sold separately, please select your preferred brush from the dropdown above, listed from top to bottom as follows:

1. Size 15, high-quality Chinese goat
This is top quality soft brush, made from rare soft Chinese goat bristles. Excellent paint holding propriety. Slow wearing for extra durability. 

2. Size 20, hog hair
Stronger and harder bristle brush, particularly great for use with oil paint. 

Made in Japan